Violeta Masteikienė


Friends' Jam uses harvest excess to make tasty jam together with big families, sell it and create opportunity to earn extra money.


In Lithuania, many children growing up in large families live in poverty and experience social exclusion. These children often do not receive adequate care and assistance in society.


Violeta’s solution is Friends’ Jam, an organization that connects big families with gardeners and arboretum owners. With help from a donation partner for jam sugar, they collect leftover harvest of berries and fruits and make tasty jams that they could either sell to make extra money or save for wintertime. Not only do these activities build new communities, but also they save extra harvest from rotting on the ground. Families that participate learn about managing personal finances, running family businesses, and improving entrepreneurial skills. Together with Friends’ Jam’s brand-building activities, they keep raising awareness and changing public opinions toward big families.


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