Teibi Torm


Teibi established a civil society initiative called "Back to School” to strengthen the cooperation between Estonian schools and the rest of the society.


In Estonia, there is little cooperation between schools and the rest of the society to provide high-quality education. At the same time, institutional players such as companies and organizations have little motivation to give input into improving the school system and have even fewer opportunities to do so. Currently, the education system only provides students with limited career options, little guidance to figure out what is important in life, low-value skills and methods that are useful for future careers, and little practical knowledge they could apply to life. As a result, schools face a higher risk of dissatisfaction among students, stemming from lower interest in learning and lack of inspiration.


Teibi Torm started Back to School, an initiative that invites professionals from various fields to give guest lectures in schools. Teibi also created a database where guest lecturers could find opportunities to cooperate with other teachers and partners. The goal of the Back to School initiative is to ensure that there will be at least one guest lecture in every school in Estonia each year for children between the ages of 2-18 years old.


Предупреждение за наличие на бисквитки

Съгласен съм Нашият сайт запазва информация (бисквитки) на Вашето устройство, както за да осигури по-добро съдържание, така и за статистически данни. Можете да предотвратите употребата на бисквитки, променяйки настройките на браузъра си. Посещавайки сайта ни без да сте променили настройките на браузъра си, ни давате разрешение да съхраняваме информация на Вашето устройство.