Stoyana Stoeva & Maya Doneva


The Teahouse of Maya Doneva and Stoyana Stoeva aims to provide first job to young people raised in institutions as an instrument for achieving independent lifestyle and social environment of high quality.


Young people who had been institutionalized have difficulties accessing the labor market. Often, they had only achieved a low educational level, been surrounded by negative role models, lived in an unhealthy and insecure family environment, and faced negative social prejudices. These factors create a low quality of life for these young people, limiting their opportunities for development and achieving an independent life. As a result, they would not be able to contribute their potential to society.


Maya and Stoyana developed a mentorship program at Social Teahouse that helps institutionalized young people achieve personal and vocational development. Many of them often receive their first jobs through Social Teahouse. Maya and Stoyana also organize cultural events and seminars for these young people, which creates a rich environment where they can develop themselves further.


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