Simona Koncytė

Our Pocket Hero

Production and adaptation of special clothing for children who must carry medical devices, according to their needs. Clothing will help children to better integrate into society, enhance freedom of movement, and safe carrying of devices.


An insulin pump is one of the most effective ways of managing type 1 Diabetes. This illness is still incurable; thus when children fall ill from this disease they will have it for the rest of their lives. In Lithuania, there are over 1000 children age 2-14, diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes and additionally about 542,000 in the rest of the world. Unfortunately, these numbers grow every year with a 10-13 % increase.

When diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes carrying an insulin pump becomes necessary for the rest of your life and kids face additional challenges hindering free movement and limiting their opportunity to leisure and play. If they carry the pumps in special belts the devices are visible and needless to say they will get many questions from other kids. Parents also often are worried that the devices may break resulting in additional costs and increased health risks. Currently, there are no adapted or specialized devices in the market facilitating carrying an insulin pump and children face additional challenges.


This is where Our Pocket Hero comes in. Our Pocket Hero is comfortable clothing particularly designed for children who wear an insulin pump. Special pockets integrated inside the clothes ensure safe carrying of the insulin pump and more freedom of movement. Our clothes give children a greater quality of life, let them become part of society and feel more like their friends!

Предупреждение за наличие на бисквитки

Съгласен съм Нашият сайт запазва информация (бисквитки) на Вашето устройство, както за да осигури по-добро съдържание, така и за статистически данни. Можете да предотвратите употребата на бисквитки, променяйки настройките на браузъра си. Посещавайки сайта ни без да сте променили настройките на браузъра си, ни давате разрешение да съхраняваме информация на Вашето устройство.