Sandra Kinnaman Nordström

The Good Talents

The Good Talents is leadership and social entrepreneurship programs for youth. The program aims to give youths the knowledge, tools and networks needed to survive in an increasingly unstable job market. The Good Talents provides companies, municipalities and civil society organizations an unique opportunity to meet, interact and forge relationships with young people they would never come in contact with otherwise.


In Sweden, the amount of opportunities and resources that are available to a child depends on the neighborhood he or she lives in. As a result, children growing up in certain neighborhoods have unequal access to resources such as leadership training and entrepreneurial tools. Since there are no natural meeting points for children from different areas, they face segregation, societal prejudice, and barriers to build their social network. They also have less role models to look up to and face unjust allocation of resources for their schools. These inequalities contribute to low self-esteem as well as unemployment, social exclusion, and stigmatization later in life.


Sandra Kinnaman Nordström is working on providing youths their first opportunity to recognize and explore their talents through leadership training, social entrepreneurship, and networking. The vision of her organization, The Good Talents, is for all youths in Sweden to take ownership over their lives and their ideas through increased access to positive role models in their communities. In addition, she aims to provide society with tools to recognize diverse talents and empower people to achieve their full potential.

“After participating in the program, I now see the possibilities to change things, and many people are open to listening to me. There is a lot that has changed for me. The contacts I have made through the program have helped me a lot. I now have a more open mindset, and I see all the possibilities that is out there for me and there is no limit to what I can achieve. I can contact whoever I want to and I have so many possibilities!” Vicky, 17 years old from Norsborg.


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