Samuel Gyabah

Samalex Solutions

Samalex Solutions provides micro flush toilets to local schools and rural communities solving the problem of proper and hygienic waste disposal facilities in Ghana with a simple and affordable solution.


In Ghana, poor sanitation in schools is negatively affecting students’ academic results. Ranked as the 10th worst country in Africa for sanitation coverage, the problem is reflected in the school system, where schools can’t ensure the health of their students. Girls are especially affected, with the sanitation problems leading to significant absenteeism during menstruation or even drop outs. According to a study performed by the Regional Directorate of the Ghana Education Service, 34 % of girls enrolled in high school in the Eastern Region between 2010 and 2012 dropped out.


Samalex solution have developed simple and affordable micro-flush toilets. Unlike other similar solutions the micro-flush toilets are built to breakdown the waste into fertilizer which makes it odorless, they use the least amount of water, only a cup, and provide hand washing compartment promoting hygienic habits minimizing sanitation related diseases. Members of the communities where these toilets are built are involved in constructing the toilet structures to learn and become artisans themselves. Samuel also holds sanitation and health education for children in rural areas in order to create Sanitation Armies and curb absenteeism especially in female students.

“We now have enough toilets to use. I and the other girls are no longer absent from school, and because I know that I have a place where I can ease myself I can concentrate much better in class. Formerly I was a poor student, but now my grades have improved and I have become an average student. I hope to do even better next term.”
– Elizabeth, a young student in Pokuase

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