Predrag Mraović

Sunflower Power

This project aims to teach children and youth about entrepreneurship by creating a local eco gift shop where education and arts and crafts activities will be held and local people can sell their items.


Gvozd municipality is among the 5 poorest municipalities in Croatia. The biggest issues are poverty and social exclusion of entire families, which is detrimental to the future of children and youth in this postwar community. Children live in poverty and there is a lack of adequate activities and opportunities and it is necessary to increase opportunities for non-formal education and activities for children and youth. The goal is to increase awareness and knowledge about social entrepreneurship and to promote volunteerism.


The goal of NGO Suncokret Center for Community Development Suncokret’s is to make an old traditional wood house into an eco-shop, with a souvenir shop and workshop for children and youth. Through working and spending time with international volunteers children and youth will be empowered to develop their own creative ideas, spend quality free time, learn new skills and develop capacities that will be important in their future.
The aim of this project is to promote rural community development and increase what our community has to offer. Our municipality is one of the fifth poorest municipalities in Croatia but has amazing natural recourses and potential for rural tourism development. With this project we hope to empower children and youth from different ethnic groups to work together to increase the quality of life in this multi-ethnic community.

Предупреждение за наличие на бисквитки

Съгласен съм Нашият сайт запазва информация (бисквитки) на Вашето устройство, както за да осигури по-добро съдържание, така и за статистически данни. Можете да предотвратите употребата на бисквитки, променяйки настройките на браузъра си. Посещавайки сайта ни без да сте променили настройките на браузъра си, ни давате разрешение да съхраняваме информация на Вашето устройство.