Petar Reić


Tools for children with communication difficulties


Within our culture all the tools children are learning from are based on experiential metaphors and methods that do not fit the cognitive style of children with dyslexia. Since they are visual types and multidimensional thinkers, extremely creative and skilled in practical learning, often thinking through pictures, it is often hard for them to understand letters, numbers and written words. Manifestations of dyslexia are exceptionally individualised and of broad spectrum.


Omolab is developing tools of unique visual language adaptable to specific needs of users. These tools help with writing and modeling the letters along the sound picture to create permanent connection between grapheme and phoneme, font with high readability and possibility of adaptation, as well as base of abstract symbols, communicational aids, directed towards awakening emotions. Since the application is meant to be free of charge and accessible to everyone, further development and maintenance will be achieved through selling of connected products who will carry the added value of raising awareness about the problems children with dyslexia are facing and, most important, creating stimulating environment for the children to feel part of creative subculture, and not as “the class donkeys”.


Предупреждение за наличие на бисквитки

Съгласен съм Нашият сайт запазва информация (бисквитки) на Вашето устройство, както за да осигури по-добро съдържание, така и за статистически данни. Можете да предотвратите употребата на бисквитки, променяйки настройките на браузъра си. Посещавайки сайта ни без да сте променили настройките на браузъра си, ни давате разрешение да съхраняваме информация на Вашето устройство.