Mila Tatović Ramljak & Ivana Kostić & Anita Juka


We strengthen self-confidence of youth without parental care for independence and labor market integration with specialized trainings in CV development, coordinating finances and networking with employers.


Due to inadequate education system, vocational education is not adjusted to the needs of the market. Young people from institutional and foster care most often have access only to lower-paid jobs, jobs within underground economy. They sometimes don't get payment for their work, they are fired without legal basis and are usually educated for professions that are not popular and needed on the market. For them, the status of unemployment is in direct connection to unresolved housing issues, as well as to meeting their basic needs.


By organizing specialized trainings in fields of CV writing, coordinating personal finances and direct networking with employers through a non-formal employment bureau, the youth without adequate parental care will get an opportunity to enter the labor market with new-developed skills and strengthened self-confidence, thus being able to find well-payed jobs and ensure better and more stable future.


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