Mirko Miilits


The idea of Smart Kids, created by Mirko, is to bring innovative solutions in children's education using new and modern technologies.


In Estonia, many children overuse entertainment apps that have minimal educational value which inhibit their mental, emotional, and physical development. Also, the market do not currently have apps that use children’s native language, encourage interaction with their parents, or provide educational content developed with quality assurance. More broadly, the negative effects of using these entertainment apps on children are not sufficiently discussed in the media, which means parents who are less attuned to the newest apps and have less experience assessing the quality of the app content will continue to lack awareness around how these things influence their children. Since the education system has not taken full advantage of educational apps, there is less knowledge about which ones are adequate for learning.


To address this problem, Mirko Miilits created an educational app with appealing characters, which encourages children to engage with parents, each other, and their environment in their native language. The app is quality-assured by the Faculty of Education at Tallinn University.

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