Ivan Dimov Nikoleta Gabrovska

Single Step

Single Step by Ivan Dimov and Nikoleta Gabrovska provides support to LGBTI youth and their families in the difficult process of self-acceptance, coming out and affirming their sexual orientation and gender identity.


LGBTI youth in Bulgaria experiences a hostile and stressful social environment that often leads to mental health disorders, substance abuse, thoughts of suicide or actual suicide. Prior to establishing Single Step, there were no sustainable support resources, accessible for people from the whole country, no social acceptance and inclusion existed.


In order to help LGBTI youth and their parents and burst the stigma “bubble” surrounding LGBTI issues in Bulgaria, Single Step provides comprehensive resources to young people, their parents, friends and allies: a national, fully licensed crisis intervention helpline and chat app. The cornerstone of Single Step efforts is establishing a physical LGBTI community center, which will provide counseling, legal advice, peer networking and support, as well as a venue for community events, meetings and a café. Single Step also plans to maintain innovative public awareness-raising campaigns.


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