Gita Rajan & Hermine Holm


Wonsa is creating a world free from sexual abuse with their specialized clinic for victims, research and education.


In Sweden, today’s childhood survivors of sexual abuse are violated twice: first, they are sexually abused and second, they are not getting recognized or reaching out for help. As a society, we do not yet recognize the widespread problem associated with sexual abuse, and currently there is not enough knowledge, people, and modalities to effectively treat vulnerable children. Consequently, victims often experience social isolation, low self-esteem, toxic stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), re-victimization, substance abuse, and psychiatric and somatic health problems as they mature into adults.


To solve this problem, WONSA provides evidence-based and effective clinical treatment to childhood survivors of sexual abuse. It also shares its research with professionals and policymakers working in this domain as well as the public. To reach even more people, it has developed preventative activities using digital tools. At its core, WONSA aims to educate all professionals working with children to become comfortable talking to them about sexual abuse and having all children know what to do if their rights are violated. The vision of WONSA is for all children in Sweden to have access to publicly-financed, evidence-based, and efficient treatment after being sexually abused and for them to feel safe during recovery.

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Предупреждение за наличие на бисквитки

Съгласен съм Нашият сайт запазва информация (бисквитки) на Вашето устройство, както за да осигури по-добро съдържание, така и за статистически данни. Можете да предотвратите употребата на бисквитки, променяйки настройките на браузъра си. Посещавайки сайта ни без да сте променили настройките на браузъра си, ни давате разрешение да съхраняваме информация на Вашето устройство.