Georgios Karpathakis

Underbara ADHD

Underbara ADHD is a platform where children with ADHD, their families and others can educate one another and improve their understanding of the diagnosis. The vision is that by highlighting the positive with an ADHD diagnosis children's self-image and confidence can be enforced.


In Sweden, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) are excluded from society because people at schools often do not fully understand the challenges and treatment options related to the ADHD diagnosis. This can lead to depression, drug/alcohol problems, criminal behaviors, social exclusion, and unfulfilled potential in children.


To improve the understanding of this condition, Georgios Karpathakis created a platform called Underbara ADHD where children with ADHD, their families, and others who deal with ADHD can educate one another about the diagnosis. Georgios also gives lectures and puts on a theater show where he talks about his own experience after the diagnosis at age 25. The vision of Underbara ADHD is that all children with ADHD will be able to achieve the same level of education and success at work as those without the condition.


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