Elin Lutke & Jailton Carneiro

Cirkus Unik

Cirkus Unik combines entrepreneurship and contemporary circus to create social inclusion and opportunities for children and youth in Sweden.


Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s most segregated cities with widespread inequalities and prejudices. Combined with the competitive, individualistic society that people live in, it can cause children to experience low self-esteem, social exclusion, lack of opportunities, and racism.


Elin and Jailton set out to solve this issue through creating a contemporary circus called Circus Unik. The circus provides a place where a diverse group of children can meet on an equal platform and push beyond their boundaries, highlighting individual uniqueness and the strength they bring to the community. At the circus, every child gets the chance to explore the uniqueness and strengths both inside themselves and others in the circus group. Elin and Jailton hope that this will let individuals see the importance of contributing to a group while the group values their uniqueness. In this way, we could develop a healthy society which appreciates the value of diversity.


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