Eimantas Bekėža

Prisitaikanti e-mokymosi platforma

This is an online learning platform, which provides differentiated study resources for all levels of students to fully prepare for a specific subject.


There are no internal (from schools), nor external (3rd party) tools for the students to fully prepare for a specific subject: there are private tutors, who are affordable to only a small percentage of the students; educational games draw attention, but can not fully prepare for a subject; exam platforms provide only summaries of the subjects and broad tests, and schools clearly lack resources. The consequences are staggering: Lithuania's education level is well below average - and Lithuania is the only country in the whole Nordic-Baltic region with such a low grading.


We are creating an e-learning platform which would provide all the resources needed for a student to fully prepare for a specific subject for an affordable price. A student would choose a subject they want to improve at and would find:
• video lessons explaining the theory of the subject
• video lessons for problem solving
• a clearly written summary for each specific subject
• problems to solve • additional resources if the student struggles with the given problems
We are offering a unique approach with an algorithm, which provides problems for the students based on their level of knowledge.

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