Amir Sajadi & Milad Mohammadi


Järvaskolan works to create an equal school where every pupil gets inspired to have limitless dreams and motivation towards a higher education.


The Swedish school system is becoming increasingly more segregated, and today, there are huge gaps in results depending on which area you’re from. In this system, not every child gets the opportunity to attend a good school nor has access to role models that could inspire and motivate them to pursue higher education. For those whose potential is limited, this could mean a higher risk of unemployment and social exclusion. The consequences of this on society are increased burden on the welfare system and a risk of growing xenophobia in the country.


For Amir Sajadi and Milad Mohammadi, they have been focused on creating a school where every pupil is inspired to have limitless dreams and be motivated to pursue higher education. At this school, all pupils have access to a mentor. Also, to make the individual subjects relevant to future jobs, it has teamed with some of Sweden’s most exciting companies. For example, as a supplement to school, Järvaskolan also runs Järva Club, a place where pupils can explore everything from Minecraft coding sessions to songwriting workshops. Amir and Milad’s vision is to create a world where diversity is seen as a strength and children’s dreams are boundless. In this world, every child, independent of his or her background, has the opportunity to be educated, inspired, and motivated.


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