Страницата работи най-ефективно при разрешени бисквитки

Tatjana Aćimović

Uključi me kulturno

The goal of the project "Culture? Count me in" is to make cultural activities more accessible to children and adults with disabilities, who are currently unable to equally participate in cultural events due to the lack of adaptation to their visual, hearing and physical needs.


Deaf children have never seen «Vlak u snijegu» nor can they watch any other Croatian movie, since they are not titled. Blind children can not watch foreign movies since they can't see the titles. People in wheelchairs can not participate in numerous cultural events as they often take place in buildings that are not equipped with elevators.


«Culture? Count me in» is project of association Alternator that aspires to make culture accessible to all the children and youth, and above all – to children with special needs in development and people with disabilities. Project entails simple and precise concept of creating a platform for all the stakeholders to connect local government, professionals and NGOs. With small investment we can achieve huge benefit with long-term effects, and most of all – sustainable results. The way to achieve this is to provide equipment and educate professionals in cultural institutions, adaptation of cultural content and assuring physical approach to the most important institutions and events in 18 cities throughout Croatia.

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